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Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t understand something or something has gone wrong with my order. Who can I talk to?

First check the FAQs to see if we have the answer here for you. Make sure you have filled in all the fields correctly, including your payment details. If something is still not right, it could either be a network issue or another IT problem. Describe what is going wrong and we’ll get back to you. Email agentzero@cernotech.net

How do I shop on this site?

It’s really easy and reliable. Just follow the instructions as you go.

  1. Click on Create Account and fill in your details.
  2. Once you have your account, choose the item(s) you want to buy.
  3. When you’re done shopping, click on Checkout.
  4. From there, you’ll be given a confirmation page. Check this properly before you move on.
  5. You’ll then be asked for your payment details.
  6. Click on Pay and you’re order is done!

All you have to do then is wait for that courier to deliver it to your door. 

Can I make changes to my order?

The only changes you can make to your order once you have completed your purchase, is the size of the garment and the delivery address. You can only make these changes within 2 hours of completing your purchase. 
Email using your order number in the subject line and tell us clearly the change you want to make. Email agentzero@cernotech.net

Can I cancel an order?

You only have 2 hours to cancel your order from when you completed it. That is the time it takes to process an order. 

Place your order number in the subject line and tell us what you need to cancel. Email to: agentzero@cernotech.net

Do I have to pay to create an account?

No. Your AgentZero account is free and you will never be charged a fee to have it open. 


How do I know it’s safe to shop at AgentZero? 

The technology behind online shopping platforms has over the years become so reliable that e-commerce is becoming the new way to shop all around the world. At AgentZero we use all the latest programming and technology to make sure your details are safe and secure. No one will be getting any of your payment details from us. And if you’ve made an order, you can be sure it is on our records. Your safety and security is extremely important to us. If you want to learn more, please read our privacy policy.

What payment options do I have? 

Credit card

We accept Mastercard and Visa cards only. Through 3-D Secure authentication system, your details are verified with your bank and you’re taken directly to your bank’s platform via a secure link. Your details are at no point able to be accessed by any third party. 

EFT (electronic funds transfer)

If you are registered for online banking and you choose this option, you will be redirected to an EFT platform and asked to select your bank. From there, just follow the easy instructions. It works the same way as when you make transfers on your bank’s online platform. 

When using this option, please make sure you send the proof of payment to    agentzero@cernotech.net  Only when we receive this will your order be processed. 

What is AgentZero’s bank details?

Account name: Cernotech(PTY) Ltd

Type: Cheque

Bank: FNB

Account number: 62325213859

Branch code: 251655

I used the EFT payment option and still don’t have my order confirmation. What now?

If you are a Standard Bank customer, you can expect to wait a little longer because they take longer to process Instant EFT. You can speed things up by sending your proof of payments to agentzero@cernotech.net