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Returns & Exchange Policy

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase (other than it being defective) and you would like to return it, you have 30 days to return it. We will refund you or let you exchange it for another product if the following conditions are met:

  • the item is not customized (for example, your name and chosen number on it)
  • it is in its original condition and not used
  • it is returned in its original packaging and still has its box sealed
  • you provide us with the original invoice
  • if you recieved the item as a gift, you need to still accompany the return with the original invoice
  • if you recieved the item as a gift, you will only be able to exchange the item for an item or items of the same value - no refund will be given on gifts

You will be responsible for the delivery costs involved in exchanging the item.

To return or exchange an item, please follow these instructions:

  • Using your order number in the subject line, email us why you are returning or exchanging the item and attach your original invoice.
  • Specify in your email at what address the courier will need to collect your item.
  • Email to agentzero@cernotech.net
  • Our courier service will collect the item from you and you will be charged for all costs involved in delivering the new item.

Defective Goods

If you have used an item for its intended purchase and within 14 days of its purchase it shows signs of being defective, we will either repair or replace the item or refund you to the value that you paid for it. This will be concidered once an assessment of the items is done and will be to the discretion the authorised repair centre. If we find that the correct use or care instructions were not followed, we may refuse refunding or replacing an item.

If we find that an item was indeed defective, we will carry the cost of delivering the new / repaired item to you. If our assessment finds that you are not eligible for a refund / replacement / repair, you will be responsible for the costs involved in delivering your item to you.